In Praise Of Our Father



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Limited edition of 300 copies on purple vinyl

Swordfish proudly presents a collection of the rarest recordings of the legendary Sky Saxon/Arelich Sunlight Aquarian.

“In Praise Of Our Father” (aka “Yod Ship #3) is a free-form psychedelic jam featuring Sky fronting the Spirit of 76 band. Originally pressed as a one-sided LP, it is scarce beyond belief as only 3 copies are known to exist in the entire world.

“Lovers Cosmic Voyage” is one of several one-off projects Sky had going in the mid @70’s, it leans towards the more cosmic/Ya Ho Wha side of his output. Originally released in minute quantities around 1976, it is most likely to have been recorded circa 1973 and around the same time as “In Praise Of Our Father”

As an added bonus 2 previously unreleased tracks, “Hope” and “Wolves and Dogs” have been included. It contains an insert with comments from Djin Aquarian.