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When we are talking about really rare and great albums from Mexico, such as El Tarro de Mostaza, Kaleidoscope etc. Los Ovnis-Hippies is perhaps the second rarest one right after Kaleidoscope.

The band already made 4 LPs with cover songs for the same label. The 1968 Summer Of Love and the political protest of the young rebel culture created the desire to produce a stronger album with own songs, heavier garage sounds and counter-culture lyrics.

This album became something the Mexican society in 1968 was not ready for. It was too idealistic and too psychedelic to become popular and the original label released it with no promotion at all. That’s why this album became so good and so rare.

Los Ovnis are 5 musicians from Mexico City . Strong garage songs, great Spanish vocals, amazing guitars, organ and rough sounds. Like a musical punch right in the face of the Mexican middle-class society. No more nice guys.