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Previously unreleased heavy acid-rock / proto-prog album from 1972!

Asgard (initially known as Osgoode, named after the street where Blue Cheer had their headquarter) was a San Francisco band featuring ace guitar player Bob Hardy (a veteran of many Bay Area bands since the early 60s) and Jake ‘Gelon’ Lau (Gideon & Power, Mary McCreary, Tribe…) on electric violin and vocals.

This is their lost album, registered at Roy Chen Recorders in 1972, now released for the first time.

“For Asgard” features nine original tracks, perfectly recorded and played, dominated by Bob Hardy’s outstanding fuzzy lead guitar and the cool touch of Gelon’s Lau electrified violin that recalls UK prog-psych bands like the similar named Asgærd or High Tide at times.
Hard to believe that such a pro-recorded, top quality album like this was never released at the time. After playing a celebrated free concert at the Provo Park in Berkeley alongside bands like Mother Cat and Summerhill, the band slowly disintegrated.

Download card includes one studio track from the same album sessions plus three raw rehearsal tracks.

*Sourced from the original masters
*Insert with liner notes and photos
*Download card including four bonus tracks.

File under: psychedelic, hard-rock, progressive rock…

Side 1: 1.Carmen – 2. For Asgard – 3. Vespucci (The Dutiful) – 4. Fool
Side 2: 1. So Let Go – 2. If I Had Anything to Say – 3. You Raise My Body Temperature, Baby – 4. Center of The Sky – 5. Reflections
Digital Bonus track: 1. Your Mouth Tastes Like You Just Woke Up – 2. Cradle of Love (Live Rehearsal) – 3. For Asgard (Live Rehearsal) – 4. Reflections (Live Rehearsal)