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For the first time as reissue on vinyl these two amazing records feature members of original Lucifer`s Friend with vocalist George Mavros who played with pre-Lucifer`s Friend German Bonds together with the other four musicians. The records are very heavy early German hardrock with psychedelia and are comparable with bands like Epitaph but Electric Food are even heavier than that, as a critic wrote: “it’s so heavy kind and of as heavy as when Mountain did a cover of Satisfaction in 1974”. These records are not only for aficionados who like the first two Lucifer` Friend records but also love especially the early 70ths Hardrock/ Metal or Acidrock. According to Discogs Electric Food sounds like a mix of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Uriah Heep influences + inch of Krautrockish psychedelica . We also hear great early Spooky Tooth influences. Extraordinary guitar player Peter Hesslein composed most of the tracks while Monroe wrote the lyrics. There are also some cover versions like “Whole Lotta Love” and “House Of The Rising Sun” (based on Frijid Pink’s remake). On “Flash” you hear “Love Like A Man” by Ten Years After with stunning guitar work by Peter Hesslein and famous Free`s “Allright Now”. Originally released on low budget label EUROPA, these two very underground classics did not get the attention they deserved. It’s interesting to know, that several tracks feature portions of the riff found in the tracks of Lucifer`s Friend first album. Loads of heavy guitar, some with a wicked fuzz laden sound such as “Nosferatu” along with continuous Hammond keys, pulsating bass lines and solid drumming which are the glue for this great endeavour. On the album there are many hard rock monsters and heavy psych rock tunes. originally released 1971, Germany Remastered and with band history. Don’t miss these limited editions of 500. Play loud!