Feeling The Ceiling



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Originally released as a private press in 1978 (but sounding more akin to 1970), this is a terrific example of British hard-rock / heavy-prog in the same vein as Wishbone Ash or Thin Lizzy, dominated by killer twin guitar attacks.

With roots in the West Yorkshire pub rock scene and led by ace guitar player Duncan McFarlane, Luigi Ana Da Boys recorded their first album, “Feeling The Ceiling”, at a local studio in Leeds. 1000 copies were self-released in a plain white sleeve with a single-sided credits insert, as the band didn’t have the money for a picture sleeve. One of those copies ended up with John Peel, who raved about the band and played a couple of songs at his radio show.

The band eventually folded, giving birth to the Duncan McFarlane Band but over the years, there have been some Luigi reunions locally.

*Featured in Hans Pokora’s “Record Collector Dreams” book with four stars

**File under: hard-rock, proto-metal, pre-NWOBHM**

*Remastered sound
*Insert with liner notes and rare photos
*Download card

SIDE 1: 1. Horror Suite – 2. Turn And Walk Away – 3. Jigalo – 4. The End of Some Are Cold
SIDE 2: 1. Suck It And See – 2. The Last Supper – 3. Feeling The Ceiling – 4. J’Accuse