Eight Hour Day



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NORTHWEST COMPANY were one of the most hard-working bands from the Vancouver scene of the Sixties. Famous for their monster garage-punk double sider from 1967, the reverberating “Hard To Cry”/ “Get Away From It All”, the group released seven singles between 1966 and ’73. Eight Hour Day features a selection of those 45 sides, their cool & raw studio demos from 1966 and their final 7-minute long hard-blues live freakout “Police’s Coming”. Including all-time garage classics like “Get Away From It All”, “Hard To Cry”, “Each Day”, “Eight Hour Day” and more! Newly remastered sound, insert with detailed liner notes and cool photos / memorabilia.

Side A:
A1. Get Away From It All
A2. Hard To Cry
A3. Eight Hour Day
A4. She’s A Woman
A5. Can You Remember
A6. The Ballad of A Tragic Fat Man (demo)
A7. Each Day (demo)
A8. Time For Everyone
A9. The End Is Autumn

Side B:
B1. Get Away From It All (demo)
B2. Hard To Cry (demo)
B3. The Sunday Song
B4. Rock n’ Roll Over Man
B5. Let It All
B6. Policeman’s Coming (Live)