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LES CHAKACHAS ‘Disco Sudamericana’ has been released by CBS Sugar in 1974 and when originally came out did not receive the attention it deserved. At least not the same of the previous album, a club classic with dancefloor bangers as ‘STORIES’ and ‘THE PARTY’. But if we take a deeper look at the album, ‘Disco Sudamericana’ is much richer in terms of catchy tracks and killer grooves. ‘SUPER CAT’, ‘LIZA& BROOKS’ or ‘SELLING MANGO’ are just some of the peaks here. It is then amazing to discover that such an exotic band came from Belgium ! We stress to remember anyway that Tito Puente wife is the lead singer here, giving the session an appealing latin flavor. LES CHAKACHAS is yet another major release on the legendary EASY TEMPO label, offering this time two extra tracks not featured on the original release!