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ADN Ckrystall is the pseudonym of French synth experimentalist Érick Moncollin. Armed with a Crumar, Multiman 52 with brass pedal and sustain/volume pedal, two Kawai Synthi 100-F, Roland CR-65, Korg PS-3200, Roland Jupiter-4, a Boss flanger, MXR phasing and a TEAC 8-track recorder he produced his first LP, Jazz’Mad, with the help of synth expert sound engineer benoit Hutin. The LP was self-released in 1982 to critic aclaim and generated a fan base that has turned it into a timeless classic, having been reissued four times since then.
But what most people don’t know is that Moncollin produced a second album with songs written 1982/1983 that has remained unreleased ever since. Only recently he found the tapes in his parents’ house and transfered them for it’s first ever vinyl release.
First ever release with Moncollin’s art on cover and liner notes by himself. Limited to 500 copies only!