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Dakila (a Filipino word meaning Greatness) emerged from the melting pot of musical fusions that originated in the San Francisco Bay Area of the late 60s. They often could be seen playing at Bill Graham’s Fillmore West, SF Winterland and all the major clubs in the SF Bay Area and festivals.

Singing in Tagalog, Spanish and English, Dakila was the first Filipino-American band signed to a major label. Their sole album from 1972 combined their Filipino heritage with Latin Rock, psychedelia / acid-rock and afro-funk. The result was an explosive, hot jamming sound full of congas/percussion, Hammond, dual fuzz guitar, fuzz-bass…

This, the first ever official reissue, features corrected pitch (the original was speeded up by the producers against the band’s will) and a color 4-page insert with detailed liner notes.

*50th Anniversary Reissue

*One of the hidden gems from the original Latin-Rock movement

*Original artwork

*Insert with detailed liner notes and photos

*Download Card

RIYL: Santana, El Chicano, Barrabás, Chango, Malo, Mandrill…

Side A: A1. Makibaka / Ikálat – A2. Persiguiendo – A3. Make Me A Man
Side B: B1. Gózala – B2. El Dúbi – B3. Searchin’ For My Soul