TORRES, Juan Pablo

Cuba Disco



Cat Nº: MGLP116




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Juan Pablo Torres was one of the best trombone players in the Latin-jazz community of the second half of the 20th century.
He was the director of Algo Nuevo and a member of Irakere, two of the leading exponents of Afro-Cuban jazz in the 1970s and 1980s. He has also directed various Cuban supergroups such as Estrellas de Areito and Cuban Masters.
Almost all of his albums were made for Areito de La Habana, Cuba.
‘Cuba Disco’ was the only album released in his name in Europe; recorded in Milan in 1984 and produced by Aldo Pagani. In Italy in the same year he participated in two records by Pino Daniele and one by Astor Piazzolla.
Accompanied by his faithful Gruppo Algo Nuevo, with the addition of some guests such as the Italian jazz guitarist Angelo Arienti, his traditional Afro-Cuban vein is contaminated by disco and balearic moments; as in the case of the magnificent ‘Bermuda Triangle’ which anticipates the current atmosphere of Nu Genea.
Limited edition. Released from the transfer of the original master tapes.