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Steve Linnegar was an accomplished songwriter, musician, painter and martial arts disciple. A legendary figure from the South African 60s-70s underground music scene, the “hippie king of Cape Town” formed the Snakeshed band in the 70s along with top guitar player Martin Kopelowitz and keyboardist / producer Peter Hubner. Refusing offers from some record labels who insisted they should go “commercial”, they decided to record and release their first album, “Classic Epics”, all by themselves.
Released in 1982 on their own private label, this is one of South African Prog/Psych crown jewels. Layers of acoustic / electric guitars, Gilmour-alike guitar solos, ultra-melodic vocals, effects, cool Oriental-Tao inspired lyrics…Culminating on the haunting 14-minutes long “Desert”.
For the first time remastered from the original tapes.
Insert with rare photos and liner notes by Aaron Milenski (Acid Archives).

“Mysterious psych prog monster LP which gets better & better…Dreamy organ & soaring fuzz leads, at times like a cross between Marcus & Pink Floyd with folk elements & melodics all over the rhythmic grooves. Eastern tinged lyrics & samurai charging vocals which float amidst the pools of organ & catch late Beatle harmonic embers” – Paul Major

“Terrific flowing westcoasty 70s rock with deep psych atmospheres on the 14-minute “Desert” – Patrick Lundborg (

Tao Ch’ang Wu Wei – Tao Riders – Monitoring – Kamakura Dragons – Lamplight Shines – Desert – Cry