Cilibrinas do Eden



Cat Nº: Nosmokerecords0100




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SECOND PRESSING. Rita Lee of OS MUTANTES, and her friend Lúcia TurnBull first outside project, these recordings were done for PHILIPS in 1973. CILIBRINAS DO ÉDEN have played at OS MUTANTES show in MAY 1973, at Palácio de Convenções do Anhembi, in São Paulo. It was CILIBRINAS first gig. At this show Rita and Lúcia played with all the OS MUTANTES backline, the show appeared to be a psychedelic edge with Rita and Lúcia dressed like some outside Aliens for that time.

They also dressed coloured clothes and feathers like a progressive rock band. Never officially released in vinyl or CD, Now a group of Brazilian fans with European residence pick the recordings and put them in vinyl format.
This release contain also 2 rare outtakes from OS MUTANTES.
You will certainly dig this if you like Mutantes: these recordings are a mix of the psychedelic OS MUTANTES with some glam-rock freakness. Fantastic proffessionally remastered sound, unbelievable material for all the OS MUTANTES fans, and one of the best lost albums of Brazilian psychedelia!!!