Cazumbi Vol. 1 – African sixties garage



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WARNING! This not an Afro Beat or Afro Rock compilation, the music on this record is strictly 60’s garage as you might expect of it!!! Dwarf, Ghost, Soul From Another world, it’s the African definition for CAZUMBI!

You probably always thought such countries, except South Africa, had nothing to contribute the 60’s garage scene…..but seems our little world still has virgin places for the obscure garage 45s diggers before going to Mars!!! Here you have a surprising compilation of very, very rare tracks taken from 45s released in Congo, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa.

Garage rock, garage surf, powerful 60’s R&B… an amazing collection with groups such as H20 (Mozambique) who had even carton boxes among their instruments, a rare track by the A-Cads, the incredibly rare Kriptons from Angola, an Italian sung (!!!) great cover of the Prunes’ “I had too much to dream” by Conjunto Oliveira Muge in Mozambique, the eerie French sung “Eh bien mon ami” by African Fiesta…

Nicely done release with remastered sound, and an insert with rare and obviously unseen photos and liners!