Burnt Offering b/w Seizure



Cat Nº: DAP-1085


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Ever wonder what it would have sounded like if Black Sabbath took holiday in Ethiopia… and jammed with magicians? FEAR NOT! The time is nigh for the darker corners of the Daptone Universe to bring forth a waxen treasure of said fortitude and doom. We called upon the Budos Band, whose history, etched in forgotten stone slabs buried far beneath the bedrock which Staten Island reigns upon, answered with a fuzz-induced rite! BEHOLD! After four years, the Budos have come down from the mountain and something is not quite the same. The music echoes a call that is both ancient and familiar, pulling the listener into a wilderness of stinging distortion, melody and unbridled dissonance, forming a sound that has harnessed a primal energy, cloaked in a shroud of shimmering psychedelia. Daptone Records humbly presents: Burnt Offering b/w Seizures. Dig it, or become the offering!