Baila Mi Rumba



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Gypsy rumba-funk & flamenco pop courtesy of TRIGAL, the grooviest & funkiest band from the Spanish ’70s rumba scene. 13 tracks taken from their sought after LPs and 45s, originally released on the legendary Belter label, 1976-77. Heavy drums, percussion, deep bass, wah wah, electric guitar, horns, funk / blaxpoitation touches, gypsy female vocals…

*Master tape sound.

*Insert with photos and liner notes by Txarly Brown (Achilifunk).

Tracklisting: A1: Gol – A2: Baila La Rumba – A3: El Gitano Andrés – A4: Toma Que Dle – A5: Recuerdos – A6: Temporal – B1: Tamara – B2: Déjame – B3: Sacromonte – B4: Marinero – B5: Por Culpita De Mi Mal Pensá – B6: Vente Conmigo – B7: Si Te Quiero