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NOT EXPORTABLE TO JAPAN. Since Roy Ellis came back to the Ska and Reggae music in 2003, he has been traveling all around the globe and met many different bands with which he has been playing with. Some of these bands recorded some tracks with him that now are compiled is this album.
Roy Ellis & Transilvanians – Mr. Rudy Roy Ellis & Smoke & Mirrors Sound System – More That Unites Roy Ellis & Kalles Kaviar – Must Catch A Train Roy Ellis & 65 Mines Street – Orchestration Reggae Roy Ellis & Shots In The Dark – I’m Outnumbered Roy Ellis & Magic Touch – Fly Away Roy Ellis & Cosmic Shuffling – Shine Your Light On Me Roy Ellis & Neil Anderson – A Love Song Gone Wrong Roy Ellis & The Teenagers – Let Me Take You Higher Roy Ellis & Selector Boldrick – A Date Tonight Roy Ellis & Thee Hurricanes – Can You Feel It Roy Ellis & King Teddy – King Of Keys Roy Ellis & Torvic Drum – Oh What A Morning Roy Ellis & Mattias Hillebrand – Reborn In Your Eyes.