VARGAS "La Terremoto", Dolores

Anana Funk Hip 1970-1975 (CD)



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“Dolores Vargas was our wildest performer, our Spanish Tina Turner, Ikettes-era. In my opinion, she was a better dancer and singer than Lola Flores but she never received the same media attention than the famous Lola. Maybe it’s better this way. Dolores Vargas is wine for sommeliers and since now, music for connoisseurs.” – Txarly Brown

Here’s an anthology dedicated to the ’70s period of Dolores Vargas, known as “The Earthquake” due to her wild and frenzied dancing style. In these songs, released 1970-1975, you’ll hear killer sound and production mixing Funk, Rock and Pop with the powerful vocal style of “The Earthquake”. Including real gipsy-funk bombs like “A la pelota” “Anana Hip” or “La Hawaiana” along with her bizarre cover version of “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” and much more.

If you’re looking from Flamenco Funk and groovy Rumba Pop, look no further.

* Master tape sound.

* Insert with liner notes by Txarly Brown (Achilifunk) and photos.

Tracklist: 01. A La Pelota – 02. Anana Hip – 03. La Hawaiana – 04. El Desgrasiao – 05. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep – 06. Macarrones – 07. Oh La La – 08. Gitana Real – 09. Maria Lisi – 10. La Piragua – 11. El Matarile – 12. El Despertador – 13. El Co… Collar – 14. Urtain, El K.O. y Olé