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Long Hair is proudly to present for the first time as official reissues the legendary album “All Bumm” by German supergroup 18 Karat Gold. Studio musician Keith Forsey on drums (Hallelujah/Amon Düül II), Bass genius Lothar Meid (Amon Düül II), Jörg Evers (guitar) from Embryo and American – German guitar talent Klaus Ebert on lead guitar born out of the prolific Munich music scene. Famous German music magazine Sounds praised the album as a landmark, a pioneering feat, and came to the euphoric conclusion that German popmusic has only just begun! The idea behind 18 Karat Gold seems to have been to present a Krautrock influenced musical direction of english icons like David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, Roxy Music and perhaps T. Rex and Slade, who partly played a very mainstream, but at the same time sophisticated pop sound, also surnamed Glam – Rock. Listen to it and you will know that it sounds great! Stunning instrumentals, catchy pop songs and gaudy rock numbers, the ocassional cosmic murmur á la Amon Düül II satisfy all musical requests. Don’t miss this legendary album! ” Limited edition ” Gold cover “