Acetate 1974/1975



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“Found circa 2004 while digging through Connecticut, a mysterious nine-track 12-inch acetate housed in a stickered jacket. No real info, other than the aforementioned sticker giving the band a name, a photo giving the band a face and a psychedelic style drawing pulled from a notebook tucked inside. The label on the record gave a general idea of location…the Gallery Recording Studios in CT. The ‘detective work’ was started by calling the recording studio. They didn’t remember anything.
With no names, I posted a pic of the acetate and two MP3’s up on the Yahoo psychedelic web board to see if anybody knew anything. Some unknown Swede noticed the drawing was signed by a chick and managed to track her down right away. She, in turn, got a hold of an original member who in turn got a hold of me. All within a day or two of my original post. Amazing how that works out sometimes!
The acetate was impressive…all originals showing healthy influences of their heroes the Kinks, Bee Gees (Odessa era) and the Stones. Yet the band retained an identity much of their own.
Since the acetate went unreleased, I thought it fit to press up 300 copies to share with the world. Had these sessions been pressed up on a private label back in the day, the resulting album would surely be on many a want list now. This reissue is a real gem for fans of early/mid-’70s underground rock. Strict pressing of 300 numbered copies with minimalist hand assembled packaging. Also includes liner notes (um…kinda) by an original member. The reissue is mastered from the original found acetate (and is by no means of ‘audiophile’ quality).”