• ÁNGELES DE OPIO - Ángeles de Opio - NEW RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Ángeles De Opio was an underground heavy-psych power trio featuring JC Sisto (Mater Dronic, Shakti's Delirium) and Sergio and Adrián Ceballos (RIP KC). Two long tracks of extreme acid-fuzz-wah guitar jamming, recorded in 2005 but not released until now. RIYL: Human Instinct, High Rise and LOUD IN...

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    ÁNGELES DE OPIO - Ángeles de Opio - LP

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  • A song title like "Ready to fly" actually gives you all necessary information to categorize the album in your hands as psychedelic spacerock that certainly makes you recall the ancient days of the 1970s when HAWKWIND ruled and LSD was the hot shit to get up from the ground and trip through open...

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    AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR - Aqua Nebula (...) - LP

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  • Takis & MANTICORE'S BREATH - Water Of Time - MISSING VINYL (LP) | Guerssen

    Takis Barbagalas presents his new musical work Water Of Time, putting together the puzzle of his own memories over time.A well long trip from the cosmic tranquility of Phosphorus/Esperus to the musical feast of The Nocturne , Water Of Change completes this long mystical journey.Time and experiences...

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  • Doctors of Space is a duo of Dr Martin Weaver (Wicked Lady, Dark) on guitars, bass, drum programming and Dr Space (aka Scott Heller) on synthesizers (Øresund Space Collective, Black Moon Circle). The duo has been producing free for space-psychedelic rock for the past 4 years. These are some of...

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    DOCTORS OF SPACE - Mind Surgery (2LP) - 2LP

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  • So, finally ! After 40 years Swedish SAGA returns with new material. 4 tracks only, but tracks written and performed back then, both under SAGA name and NOVEMBER, which Christer Stålbrandt used to be in prior to SAGA ! Re-recorded and really in the best manner we could ever have wished !

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    SAGA - Saga II - MLP

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  • SONIC FLOWER - Sonic Flower - LP

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