• Chet - Live In Bologna - NAKED LUNCH (LP) | Guerssen

    Rare gem capturing the poetry and magic of the legendary Chet Baker live on stage. Here Chet is in Italy on April 1962, at "La Cantina" in Bologna. Miles is on the trumpet, of course, along with Rene Thomas at the Guitar, George Gruntz at the Piano, the great Karl Theodor Geier on the Bass and...

    BAKER, Chet - Live In Bologna - LP

    VAT included
  • Dorival - Brazilian Classics - NAKED LUNCH (LP) | Guerssen

    Dorival Caymmi was a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actor, and painter active for more than 70 years beginning in 1933. He contributed to the birth of Brazil's bossa nova movement, and several of his samba pieces, such as "Samba da Minha Terra", "Doralice" and "Saudade da Bahia", have become staples...

    CAYMMI, Dorival - Brazilian Classics - LP

    VAT included
  • First Naked Lunch release dedicated to the Afro-Cuban golden age. Machito was a seminal figure in the New York Afro-Cuban scene of the post World War II era, vastly responsible to deliver this new genre of music to happy-feet crowds populating the ballrooms of the time - in fact essentially...

    MACHITO - Afro-Cuban In New (...) - LP

    VAT included

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