• Jacques - Erosion Distilée - MONSTER MELODIES (LP) | Guerssen

    At the age of 17 French multi-instrumentist Jacques Dudon taught himself how to play the guitar, after which he started an electric blues band called The Soul Bag. Not much later the band changed its name to Ghislain Blues Band and then finally to Blues Bag. In 1968, the band discovered LSD,...

    DUDON, Jacques - Erosion Distilée - LP

    VAT included
  • PLVG - Plvg - MONSTER MELODIES (LP) | Guerssen

    It was during the summer tour in July, August and September 1973 that the band under the name of PLVG (acronym for Poligot, Lable, Vilar, Gall) made its debut in front of a dumbfounded audience. Whilst taking a break from touring the following month, the group records a dozen titles at the Ferber...

    PLVG - Plvg - LP

    VAT included
  • Richard - Kundalini - MONSTER MELODIES (LP) | Guerssen

    'Kundalini' is an unreleased live recording of Hamsa. This French band with Richard Raux (ex-Magma) at his best in 1976 play an incredible and unique music, groovy, powerful, between funk and spiritual jazz, drawing on roots in African and Indian rhythms.

    RAUX & HAMSA, Richard - Kundalini - LP

    VAT included

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