• El - Per què es grillen les patates? (LP+Mp3) - BANKROBBER (LP) | Guerssen

    El Petit de Cal Eril surprised me profoundly in 2009 with his debut "I les sargantanes al sol", a very fresh and innocent psychedelic folk album that made it somehow big in Catalonia. Then he did the nice and dark "Vol i dol", but before all that he did this unreleased album, in 2007, that was...

    PETIT DE CAL ERIL, El - Per què es grillen (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • Pau - Jo

    Pau Riba's 1971 masterpiece "Jo, la donya i el gripau" is finally reissued on vinyl. One of the highlights of Catalan 70s music, this psych-folk record was recorded open air in the Formentera island, using a Nagra magnetophone. That was the hippiest of Pau's times. The music is highly influenced...

    RIBA, Pau - Jo, la donya i el (...) - LP

    VAT included

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