• Juan - Juan Belda - ABSTRAKCE RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Reissue of the first Juan Belda album released in 1986 by Grabaciones Accidentales. with new artwork. Originally part of a multimedia concert, a show involving actors, video, and scenography called "Móviles". The record is a complex world of sounds blending rhythmic experimental electronics,...

    BELDA, Juan - Juan Belda - LP

    VAT included
  • Wayne - Dinner At Eight - ABSTRAKCE RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Reissue of this amazing 1986 album where drum machines meet improv jazz. Horvitz gathers together his drum machine and synths along with his talented friends -Elliot Sharp included- for this really original record that is both composed and improvised.An obscure gem by one of the most spirited...

    HORVITZ, Wayne - Dinner At Eight - LP

    VAT included
  • Erik - Traces - ABSTRAKCE RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Finally the deserved reissue! A very limited edition of 300 copies of this 1985 masterpiece, remastered and presented in a renewed artwork. Berlin School synth sequences, American minimalism vibes, new age and oriental influences, guitar-synthesizers, genius arrangements... A masterpiece exploring...

    WOLLO, Erik - Traces - LP

    VAT included

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