• Alice - Turiya Sings - 6207 (LP) | Guerssen

    These 1981 devotional recordings for voice and Wurlitzer, meant to guide meditation through chanting, offer an alternate version of the cosmic jazz visionary's synthesizer masterpiece, Turiya Sings.

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    COLTRANE, Alice - Turiya Sings - LP

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  • Alice - 'Africa' Live At The Carnegie Hall 1971 - ALTERNATIVE FOX (LP) | Guerssen

    The musician and spiritual seeker Alice Coltrane was much more than just John Coltrane's second wife. One of the few harpists to feature prominently in jazz, she was also a renowned pianist and composer and her interest in spiritual matters greatly helped steer her husband deeper into Krishna...

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    COLTRANE, Alice - (...) - LP

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  • Alice - Lord Of Lords - IMPULSE (LP) | Guerssen

    Alice Coltrane's newly reissued Lord of Lords capped off a trio of richly orchestral albums in the early '70s. It is a slow-building, cosmic, unnerving throbbing organism of sound.

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    COLTRANE, Alice - Lord Of Lords - LP

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  • Alice - Eternity - ANTARCTICA STARTS HERE (LP) | Guerssen

    Released in 1976, Eternity was Alice Coltrane's first album for Warner Bros. after eight wondrous records on Impulse! Combining the drones and textures of India, the gospel and R&B of her Detroit youth and the dissonance of modern classical composition, Coltrane's music in the '70s would become...

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    COLTRANE, Alice - Eternity - LP

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