We never lost control



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This is the first officially reissue of the 2nd album of legendary German Krautrockband Nine Days Wonder. After falling apart during their 1.British tour Nine Days Wonder called it a day in 1972 and bandleader Walter Seyffer had to search for a new band. He soon met up with also Mannheim based Michael Bundts group Medusa, who agreed to join up and became a new incarnation of Nine days wonder.

In comparison with extraordinary 1. album (also reissued in its original green foam artwork on Long Hair, LHC 100), “we never lost control” is more richly texted and feature a mellow progressive rock with slightly hard-rock touches and remind to David Bowies “Ziggy Stardust”. Without the jazzy elements of the 1. album this album is a step forward into the at that time upcoming glam- rock sound but with that special German krautrock feel.

Hard to describe this highly gifted mixture: a tuneful, powerful, excellent German Krautrock document of sound! Album comes with exact reproduction of original artwork, continuing band story and rare photos (insert).