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Water Cycle (2x Clear 10″)



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As we continue our half-joke-verbal agreement of “one album per year” with Taner Öngür, here we go with “Water Cycle”. Like many musician in the world, lock down home, early 2020 Taner Öngür got back to his own song books and merge them with some new ideas and brought us this exceptional instrumental album. It’s quite hard to classify it within one genre but we can say it takes off from progressive sounds and explore around Öngür’s latest band 43,75’s own swing-surf-rock style (of course with some little psychedelic touches). These 14 tracks consist 3 special covers such as the Beatles’ “I am the Walrus”, Bollywood’s famous “Mera Joota Hai Japani” and “Ya Mustafa” which featured in various works of middle eastern cinema.

Taner Öngür, the legendary bass player of Mogollar (the iconic group of 1970’s Anadolu Pop movement), is producing solo projects since 90’s.

“Water Cycle” is his 4th opus of his collaboration with his latest band 43,75 and Tantana Records. During lockdown days of 2020, Öngür got back to his own song books and surfed between UK and India -and of course over fly central Asia- got together this very special instrumental guitar trip. Considering he is the “baptist” of the “anatolian rock” movement of 70’s, his beyond-genres-eclectic view to the music fits perfectly to the swinging guitars, progressive touches, tribal beats, melancholic moments of “Water Cycle”… It’s also a great “introduction to Taner Öngür’s universe”.

Back in 2016 he formed this project: 43,75. Their first album “Elektrik Gramofon” (2017) was a beautiful selection of 20’s – 50’s Istanbul songs, distilled by Öngür’s surf-swing-rocknroll appoach (it’s LP’s sold out within 48 hours!).

Nowadays, most of the vinyl collectors knows about Anatolian Rock; but not many knows that Taner Öngür was on many cult records of the era and the definition of “anatolian pop” and “anatolian rock” are actually Taner Öngür’s own wording, that became the name for it – since 70’s. So, on “Sayko Ana” (2018) Öngür did not hesitate to have fun with it; browsing between forgotten Turkish folk songs and psych them.

In 2019, he got back into archives, to dig “strange stories” from newspapers and vintage novels of 1930’s-1960’s, which gave birth to “Asrî Sadâ” album, that its LP consisting a superb – rich contented 16 pages tabloid newspaper; with “news” and “articles” related to the songs… and many other bizarre details of our “dusty days”.

So, please welcome to Taner Öngür’s own psych-surf-swing flavored universe!