Voyages (CD)



Cat Nº: GUESSCD045




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Legendary USA private psychedelic album, a top level rarity issued in a tiny edition of 100 copies in 1978. Really impressive concept album with religious / spiritual lyrics, raw basement sound, strong songwritting and superb musicianship. It combines some drifting, mellow tracks with some fuzz-rockers. “Monster top 5 US psychedelic garage LP. Eerie folkrock Doors sounding spookers w/a smattering of D.R. Hooker lounge/mind psychedelia thrown in, great drifty acid jams, desert wind effects, air raid sirens…all the right moves & attitude.” Paul Major (Xtabay)
Original artwork, insert with liner notes by Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives) revealing the Ark story for the first time.
Tracklisting: Introduction – When the son comes out – Sea of life – Drifting – Sidewalk Preacherman – In the desert – Blue angel – Lord I’m learning – Peace of mind – New civilization? – Dear old friends