Vol. 1



Cat Nº: SOMM039



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One of the best Jazz-Funk-Fusion albums from the 70s Euro scene, featuring such giants as Charly Antolini (famous for his MPS recordings) on drums, Max Greger jr. on electric piano, Moog, Hammond, Mellotron and Milan Pilar on electric bass. Top notch jamming & soulful funky-jazz sound with some kraut-prog touches, recorded at the legendary Studio 70 in Munich and originally released in 1975 on the Calig label.

Including the rare-groove classic “Onkel Joe” and more

Original artwork and master tape sound.

Tracklist: A1. Catch Up – A2. Bordun – A3. Onkel Joe – A4. Moonlight On A Baldhead – A5. Lydia – B1. Blues For The Kaiser – B2. A Night Without Dreams / The Little Things That Makes Us Happy – B3. Spinning Wheel