Uno (Green)



Cat Nº: VM LP109G



Formed from the ashes of Osanna when the band split the third member with Elio D’Anna and Danilo Rustici was originally percussionist Toni Esposito. At the end of 1973 the new group was presented by the Italian music magazines, talking about an LP soon to be released by the newly-born Trident label, but this collaboration was shortlived and at the beginning of 1974, with drummer Enzo Vallicelli (from Hellza Poppin, who had played with Osage Tribe and Claudio Rocchi), Uno went to London where, in the famous Trident Studios, they recorded for Fonit Cetra their first and only album with help from lyricist Nick Sedwick and singer Liza Strike (of “The dark side of the moon” fame).
The album is not far from late Osanna style (“Landscape of life”-era), with four English-sung tracks and three in Italian, with songs like I cani e la volpe in evidence, but didn’t reach the success the band hoped.
Clear green vinyl edition, in a faithful reproduction of the original artwork.