Una Vita Migliore



Cat Nº: AMSLP147



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“Una vita migliore” marks the awaited return, three years after the previous “La notte anche di giorno”, of the Genoese band La Coscienza di Zeno, one of the names groups inside the contemporary Italian progressive rock scene; a wait actually first interrupted in February 2018 with the live album “Il giro del cappio”, right after the group’s signing with AMS Records.
This opus represents a further step forward in the band’s evolution and, first of all, shows a better and wider teamwork in terms of songwriting, an aspect that makes this work more heterogeneous and solid than the previous ones.
The music is positively affected and, thanks to a long series of guest musicians, from the point of view of music arrangements La Coscienza di Zeno can here enjoy a freedom that could never be granted in the past.
With the roots still firmly anchored to the classic Italian prog in the likes of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso and Locanda delle Fate, the sextet has produced seven complex and multi-faceted tracks, which will require numerous plays to be completely assimilated.
A long-awaited return, which will not disappoint the expectations of those who loved their previous work and that once again place the band in the progressive élite of this decade.