The New Worlds Fair



Cat Nº: LHC 286



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This is the first official reissue on vinyl under courtesy of Cherry Red Records of this highly sought after album, originally released in 1975 on United Artists, UK. Michael Moorcock is an English writer, primarily of science fiction and fantasy, who has also published literary novels. He is also a successful musician, well known for his collaboration with Hawkwind, Robert Calvert and Blue Öyster Cult. His own project is named Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix. Michael’s first performance with the Hawkwind was at The Green, Portobello Road. He also worked with the band on their album ‘Warrior On The Edge Of Time,’ for which he earned a gold disc. Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix’s ‘The New Worlds Fair’ included drummer Snowy White and a number of Hawkwind regulars (Dave Brock, Simon King, Simon House) in the credits. A non-album single, ‘Starcruiser’ coupled with ‘Dodgem Dude,’ (here included as bonus tracks) was belatedly issued in 1980. ‘The New Worlds Fair’ seems to be a concept album, a guy known only as Dude goes to the local fair. He sees a cute 16-year-old girl out with her friends, has a go on some of the rides, visits the music tent to watch the band and then gets caught in the middle of a nuclear war. It’s a concept album, where Moorcock’s lyrics and crowd noises is the red thread binding together a story about “Dude” going to the fair. It’s a rather unique experience in many ways, the psychedelic tinged tunes with a distinct ’60s flavor to them mixed in with dark and eerie lyrics – and a high level of theatrics in songs as well as the passages read out by Moorcock and slightly rockin’ glamrock guitars submit a diverse, engaging offer, with a lot of catchy tunes. This is very much a one-of-a-kind release; worth checking out. Fans of retro psychedelic rock should find this one interesting, as well as fans of Hawkwind. The album comes with 4-sided insert sheet with an exact reproduction of the cover and the inner sleeves, including story and memorabilia. Plus 3 bonus tracks This is a secret tip! Don’t miss it.