Maja de Rado & Porodicna Manu-faktura Crnog Hleba

Stvaranje (CD)



Cat Nº: Atlantide02




The title of this album – originally released in 1974 – means “The creation” and Serbian singer Maja De Rado together with her band create a very dreamy and colorful kind of music that merges different pop styles of their time with a folky approach. This album could have easily emerged from the late 1960s West Coast scene of the USA except for having lyrics in the musicians’ native tongue. The lush instrumentation with organs, flutes, acoustic guitars builds a multi layered fruitful soil on which the rich vocal melodies can grow to an enormous size.
Maja and her male counterpart join together on most of the songs and deeply touch your soul with their heartily performance. It is the scent of a deep desire the elements of Serbian folk add to the dreamy and laid back late 60s pop sound which increase the emotional force of this album. This is music for people who love the solo stuff by Sonja Kristina (CURVED AIR) or the BRIAN AUGER TRINITY feat. Julie Driscoll, just with that already mentioned Serbian folk flavor. Amazing, enchanting and purely magical.