Splendid Isolation



Originally pressed in a limited run of 1000 numbered copies in December 1974 The Alice Island Band is one of the rarest UK folk private pressings, having sold in auction for over 600 pounds. Little would school friends Keith Hughes, Tim Phillips and Roger Moore imagine that when they formed The Conqueroos blues band back and subsequent projects like Cinderella’s Party Songbook from 1967.

By 1974, Keith, Tim and Roger were ready for something special, and the arrival of Cinny – the ‘Princess’ from the principality of Wales – completed the line up for the next LP. They became The Alice Island Band and recorded Splendid Isolation – Tim, Keith and Cinny played, Roger produced and recorded the 14 songs, some of which had been conceived back in 1968.

For those into the UK folk and psych scenes who love the homemade recordings of Peter Howell and John Ferdinando’s projects (Tomorrow Come Someday, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Agincourt, Ithaca…), the bare, raw sound of Comus or those impossibly rare folk albums cut through the Deroy Sound Services – but also for lovers of good crafted songs with male & female vocals and mostly acoustic performances.

Done in close cooperation with Keith and Roger who have been very kind to provide original masters, information and photos for the gatefold insert which also includes the original lyrics – here are 500 copies for those who cannot afford or find an original copy. Comes housed in a reproduction of its original sleeve. Order yours before they fly!