Sound of Sunforest



Cat Nº: TPT265



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Sunforest recorded this splendid album in 1969. A unique compendium of UK acid folk with a Middle Age / Renaissance edge mixed with a popsike feel very typical from the era. A fab album for the lovers of the genre that comes in a very beautiful picture sleeve.
This LP’s opening track, ‘Overture To The Sun’, caught the attention of genius filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, who got Sunforest to record it again for its inclusion on his ‘A Clockwork Orange’ movie soundtrack. Fans of this movie have now a great chance to listen to the original recording of this track.
Also worth of special mention is the phenomenal funk vibe of ‘Magician In The Mountain’, which has made this LP become the object of desire of many a DJ and a samplerer, an original copy fetching over GBP 300 in the collector’s market. Here is at last a chance to grab your hands on it for a much more reasonable amount.