Song of a gypsy (papersleeve)



Cat Nº: X001



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Damon. This is the artistic name of David Del Conte, a genius American gypsy musician who is responsible of probably the rarest and most sought-after psychedelic music album of all time.


We’re talking about his debut album, “Song of a gypsy”, which was originally released in 1969. This album has a totally unique sound, with the “crooner-like” voice of Damon, the omnipresent melodic fuzz guitar of Charlie Carey and truly atmospheric melodies. Vernon Joynson on his latest Fuzz Acid & Flowers book says about this album:
– If there really is such a thing as psychedelic music, this is surely it. The Damon album is an essential purchase.


This is a new CD version of one THE ALBUM. Reproduction of the original first pressing, in textured carton and golden graved lettering, gatefold cover with brief liners in the inside.