Smokin’ bats at Campton’s (Clear LP)



Cat Nº: ARLP70-60Fcl



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Official vinyl reissue of this Indiana based heavy psychedelic band.

Originally released on the 700 West, the small label owned by Moe Whittemore (responsible for the recordings of Zerfas, Dan Modlin/Dave Scott, Mo, etc), in 1974.

Dual heavy rock riffing by excellent guitarists Jay Wilfong (responsible later for the Buccaneer LP from 1980) and Larry Lucas, manic hard-kicking rhythm base composed of Mark Sipe and Mel Cupp and wacky, tough lyrics spit out by singer Dave Campton. One of the best examples of 70’s heavy rock and precursor of the so called stoner-rock.

For fans of Sir Lord Baltimore, Leafhound, Black Sabbath, Captain Beyond…

Includes one bonus track and 4-page insert with bio, photos and notes.