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First vinyl release for the band’s incredible singles since their initial pressings in 1970/71 (Side A)

First time on vinyl for all other tracks (Side B)

LP limited to 500 copies

Insert includes band history, photos, and images of sheet music for several songs

Jarvis Street Revue’s only album (1970), “Mr.Oil Man,” is an absolute heavy psychedelic monster that leaves no one who hears it untouched by it’s sheer avalanche of psychedelic heaviness, wasted acid leads and great vocals. After recording it, Jarvis Street Revue toured for three months. “We were treated like gods,” Jarvis leader and Neil Young running mate Tom Horricks said. The band did a cross-Canada tour to promote the album but unfortunately for them, as was often the case in those days, the album was not released until after the tour. So much for stardom. The band soon broke up. But tucked somewhere in the band’s murky history were recording sessions that produced three stupendous psychedelic singles, plus tracks for an unreleased second album, “Strands of Time.” Sure, those singles and strays appeared on our Jarvis Street Revue CD, but most tracks make their vinyl debut here; as for the incredible, rare singles, they’ve never been compiled until this very moment! Insert includes band history, photos, and images of sheet music for several songs.

“Back in 1970, up in the cold North of Ontario, Canada hailed a group that had already had prophetic visions of the corporate, strictly-business, profit-driven, polluting, oil addicted, don’t let the environment-get-in-the-way-of-a-buck bullshit world that we currently live in.” –Helios Chrome

Track List
Side A:
01. 20 Years 3:10 (Columbia C4-2969 A) 1970
02. Sally’s Hymn 4:46 (Columbia C4-2969 B) 1970
03. Tambourine 2:30 (Columbia C4-3008 A) 1970
04. Intermission 2:57 (Columbia C4-3008 B) 1970
05. I Believe In Freedom 3:23 (Columbia C4-3064 A) 1971
06. Magic Man 3:01 (Columbia C4-3064 B) 1971

Side B:
01. Sweet Susan 2:26
02. Angela 2:34
03. Mr. Rock 2:39
04. Uncle Benny 3:48
05. Sweet Eyed Satin Lady 3:44
06. Better Things To Do 2:16