JAMES, Michael

Runaway world



This album is a legendary artifact for all 60s and 70s music collectors. The spirit of the music is a tasty combination between aggressive grroovy fuzz-garage-hard rock and atmospheric psych-folk with moody vocals and a poetic message, comparable to World In Sounds legendary “Phantasia” (WIS-1015) or “Dr. Hooker”. In between perfectly arranged songs like “You Dont Walk On M y Street”, “I Remember” and the psych-trip “Sleepers”, youll hear weird spoken word themes as Guatamalan Strange, Electronic Silver and heavy-riff instrumentals. This was the debut release by Michael James, whos still active in the music business with his own label, Empath Records, and the groups Children of the Risk, Michael Yonkers and Mounting Santa feat. Dr. Fink of Princes Revolution. The album “Runaway World” was recorded and produced extremely well. This LP-reissue is produced from the original analog master tapes. So, look forward to this great album by “a unique rock artist like none you’ve heard!”