On Air (2LP)



This is the first release of famous Danish group Young Flowers live recordings on vinyl broadcasted from Danish Radio in 1969/ 1970. In 1967 when rock music changed for good with the appearance of psychedelic rock and powerful blues trios like Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience, it did not take long for Danish musicians to adopt the trio form and develop their own unique progressive sound. The most influential and long lasting of these early Danish groups was the power-trio Young Flowers from Copenhagen. Peer Frost, guitar,vocals, Peter Ingemann, bass and vocals and Ken Gudman on drums used extreme sound levels, controlled distortions, feedback and endless improvisations expressed in a trio form like no other Danish group did. After two well received albums Young Flowers called it a day in 1970. In the end of 1969 and early 1970 they played a lot of shows, which were broadcasted from Danish Radio. A gigantic version of Steppenwolf “The Pusher”, more than thirteen minutes long, opens Side one of the 2LPs-set and showed the power trio at it’s best, great guitar work supported by very solid drums and bass gave the music the ground to start in higher regions. With some tracks supported by flute and sax player Bent Hesselmann (of Rainbow Band and Midnight Sun fame) and ultra super guitar player Peter Thorup, the power trio expanded to a five musician super group which left for all fans of this great music a legacy of psychedelic and blues rock at it’s best. Ten titles on a double vinyl set with a running time about 80 minutes. This is truly great stuff. 2-LPs set comes in wonderful psychedelic colour gatefold sleeve including pictures of the band and with an insert with comprehensive band story by Danish rock expert Claus Rasmussen. A must have for all lovers of the genre. Limited edition! Don`t miss it!