MARIANO, Nichollas

Nao Adianta Nada/Dita Cuja



Cat Nº: GROO028SG



Nichollas Mariano was Roberto Carlos’s butler and advisor in his most golden and creative phase. Roberto was one of the most popular artists in Brazil and Latin America. Mariano accompanied him in most of the events, had the power to sign some documents in his name and also had full influence on the songs that would or would not be on his albums. Having been a disc jockey, he had a good idea of the tracks that could become a hit. In the midst of this scenario, in 1967, he obtained the authorization and support of the “Rei” to record a 7″. Backed up by the garage band SOM BEAT get in to studio to record two of the punkest slabs recorded in South America in late 60’s. Fuzz fueled and a strong punk beat the two track recorded that day become legendary and the super rare 45 is today a most wanted by collectors all over the world. These two tracks are the only recordings that exist by Nichollas Mariano.