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The long waiting LP, for the first time after a long time (Came out in 1974) without being reeisued. Tropicalia, samba rock, with groove and fuzz all over. With remastered sound and a reproduction of the original inner and poster.


“Eu cresci ouvindo as musicas de meu pai e tenho um carinho em especial por Murituri, por ser o retrato musical de uma época de muita psicodelia e de liberdade de expressão ainda mais com a presença mística de Lanny Gordin, um dos maiores guitarristas do Brasil Valeu Groovie Records!”
Arnaud Rodrigues Junior


A few years ago, at the same time that Chico Anísio recorded in Philips the lp “Chico Anísio inaugurates the humor dançante”, produced by Nonato Buzar, Arnaud Rodrigues, editor of Chico’s humorous programs also made a lively LP in Copacabana, if we do not fool ourselves . Now, when a new lp of Chico Anísio appears on Continental, in which the clever artist tells some delightful comic strips Arnaud attacks again as a singer, in lp of the same recorder “murituri” (Continental), SLP_10.130 December-73). And there is no doubt that Chico Anísio is right to keep Arnaud on his production team: after all, the versatility of the young man is impressive and he composed the songs for this album – with different partners (Antônio de Jesus / Sebastião Valentim, among the unknown , Chico himself and Arthur Verocai, among the famous) – as if writing a screen-play for “Chico City”. So it goes from a tasty Sambão (“Nega”) to a spiritualistic song, in the most commercial line “Superstar” in “Murituri”, with very surreal verses (“The truth had sprouted / The seed explodes the earth / Make up “) going through the rhythm in the districts in” Antônio Nepomuceno “(where he had no partners). What proves this LP is the creativity of Arnaud a young man who knew to dominate the words, reasonable voice and summoning good maestros for the arrangements – Octavio and Verocai – realized a pleasant LP, that using the own titles of its songs could be said: “That and I” that “There” is the “Consumer Society”. Eat up!… (BRAZILIAN NUGGETS BLOGSPOT)