Mourning phase (CD)



An original sold for PS9000 in 2020. This is the first legal CD issue of this astonishingly original Progressive Folk Concept LP of 1971. Although about the cataclysmic end of a tempestuous relationship, Mourning Phase is a raging outburst of Positive aggression and bitterness, its Poetry Jim, but not as we know it, rather, a Sonic Beating To Death, and a Mellifluous joyous anarchic Percy Bysshe Shelley esque pummeling of the body one has just gleefully slaughtered. Adrenalin fuelled Hate in a Neo Chamber Music Esque Spenser like setting. Simply, the Ultimate Hissy Fit that crests Hysteria and plateaus in a Literary Explosion of Bile and Glory. Mike Conn has lived in a cave ever since.