Mourning phase (CD)



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An original sold for PS9000 in 2020. This is the first legal CD issue of this astonishingly original Progressive Folk Concept LP of 1971. Although about the cataclysmic end of a tempestuous relationship, Mourning Phase is a raging outburst of Positive aggression and bitterness, its Poetry Jim, but not as we know it, rather, a Sonic Beating To Death, and a Mellifluous joyous anarchic Percy Bysshe Shelley esque pummeling of the body one has just gleefully slaughtered. Adrenalin fuelled Hate in a Neo Chamber Music Esque Spenser like setting. Simply, the Ultimate Hissy Fit that crests Hysteria and plateaus in a Literary Explosion of Bile and Glory. Mike Conn has lived in a cave ever since.