Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha & Calypso Vol.4: European Sessi



Grouped together under one Caribbean banner, these typically Cuban melodies from the 1930s (Mambo) and ’50s (Cha-cha-cha), further spicened with Trinidadian tunes from 1915 onwards (Calypso) bubble over to form a frothing tryptic of irresistible dance songs. First released in the States, these sunny melodies very rapidly spread around the world following the First World War…

After having first explored a bouquet of female singers (Vol. I), followed by the wild extravagance of this music (Vol. II) and finally its links to Blues (Vol. III), El Vidocq here focuses on the impact and influences of Mambo, Cha-cha-cha and Calypso within other regions of the world. Volume quatro: Europe! A hip-swaying road trip through Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and last but not least France. Benefitting from markedly mixed ensembles – for these countries often opened their arms to exiled musicians – the songs here spotlighted are all strongly influenced by the Caribbean while yet retaining their own national flavors.

How can you not succumb to “La Suppa de Pichon” by Belgium’s Los Merecumbes, or to the “Cha Cha Twist” by Spain’s Margarita Sierra? You’re sure to ¿Olé! the “Torero” by the UK’s very own The Southlanders, while shaking your bum to Bordeaux’s Ben y su Tumba and his fiery “Tequila” as audacious as the original by Chuck Rio!

Where in the world are we? And when? What the hell are we doing?! Gracias, danke schön Jukebox Music Factory, for having once again shattered the yawnful space-time continuum!!Tracklist:
Side A:
1- GATA RUBIA << non ! pas comme ça >>
2- BENNY BENNET << Mephisto Mambo >>
3- MARGARITA SIERRA << Cha Cha Twist >>
4- MICHELINO E IL SUO COMPLESSO << bikini e tamure >>
5- MARINO MARINI << Stu Mambo Cha-Cha-Cha >>
6- BRUNO MORY << Fattouma >>
7- LOS MERECUMBES << la suppa del pichon >>
8- THE SOUTHLANDERS << Torero >>

Side B:
1- EDDIE WARNER << mambo en sax >>
2- TEDDY STAUFFER << Dos arbolitos >>
3- BEN sa tumba << Tequila >>
4- PEPE ZAPATTA << zou bisou bisou >>
5- LES CHAKACHAS << chouchou >>
6- SYLVAIN DAVID << Mambo gitano>>
7- FRANCO EI << G5 >> << cha-ba-di cha-bada>>
8- DAVE BARBOUR << guitar mambo>>