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Bachdenkel was an English rock band that started under the name The U (Don’t) No Who in 1968. The three piece consisted of band leader Colin Swinburne on vocals/guitars/keyboards, Peter Kimberley on bass/piano/vocals and Brian Smith on drums, with Karel Beer as an additional musician, engineer and producer. The group relocated to France to live, perform and record. Thei first effort – Lemmings – was released on Philips France in 1973, showing their excellent musicianship and songwriting. Conceived as a three sided album it was recorded during the summer of 1970. This double version includes 3 missing tracks originally conceived for the Initial Recording Company EP, a small label ran by Karel Beer. The album has an evident late sixties british psych-rock flavor, but comes with occasional harder moments and longer, more developed compositions in a proto Prog rock manner.