Le Troubadour de La Savane, 1978-1982



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Fresh Nigerian synth-funk from Burkina Faso, recorded sometime between the late ’70s and early ’80s. These groovy dancing sounds, killer keys and slow burners will kill you softly. Pierre Sandwidi stands as one of the finest Voltaic artists from the 1970s. He belonged to an unsung elite of Francophone artists such as Francis Bebey, G.G. Vickey, Amédée Pierre, André-Marie Tala, Pierre Tchana or Mamo Lagbema. His entire released output consists of less than ten 7 inches, two LPs and a bunch of cassettes. A man from the provinces, he always favored social engagement and carefully crafted lyrics over instant fame. His words and music challenged General Lamizana’s dreary presidency, which ruled the country from 1966 to 1980.