Keepin’ On



Cat Nº: SATKLP336




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The Catalan Rhythm’n’Blues and Soul band The Excitements arrives with his fourth studio album; Keeping ‘on’ (Satelite K 2021). An album with 14 songs full of classic melodies that join the sounds of old school soul and rhythm ‘n’ blues and lyrics that speak to us both about social issues and interpersonal relationships. The incorporation of the French singer of Somali origin Kissia San stands out. This new voice has allowed them to broaden her spectrum without losing the strength that has characterized them during all these years. Collaboration in the songwriting process by James Graham; member of Hannah Williams and the Affirmations (British band with which they shared their last tour) has opened them to new musical structures and the production of Neil Sugarman; head of Daptone Records; with Marc Tena; has managed to give an extra solidity to the sound of the band.