Izvir (CD)



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First time on CD! It was not only the USA that spawned the hottest grooving power rock and funk stuff back in the 70s but also the former country of Yugoslavia. IZVIR were active over a 7 year span from around 1971 to 1978 and released only this self titled album as a testimonial of their talent. What you receive is hot blooded and steaming rock with visionary melody writing, sexually stimulating grooves borrowed from classic Afro American funk music , plus an enormous power and drive you could find by many of the bigger hard rock acts back then. The dreamy harmonies created by vocals and synthesizers definitely lift you up to higher mystical spheres.
On the other hand you feel the fire from the pulsating, very physical rhythms shake your body to the state of ecstasy. Except for being sung in the band’s native tongue, this material holds the same level as any smoother, yet highly energetic power fusion rock release from the later 70s and can easily compete with such great albums as “Increase” by BIRTH CONTROL or “Come taste the band” by DEEP PURPLE. It is all in here what will grab you by the heart. A vivid production, a very passionate performance, simmering progressive eruptions and colorful melody patterns. Meant to drive each 70s rock fanatic wild.