Ilegales (40 Aniversario Box – 3LP+2CD)



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2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the appearance of Ilegales, a legendary album from the Spanish 80s New Wave / Pop-Rock scene, the first of a string of twelve studio albums that ILEGALES have released up to date… It is not for nothing that Jorge Ilegal says that “no one believed that this group, made up of those expelled from other bands, would last more than a few weeks, but it has ended up being the longest-lived”.


This first album was one of the most reissued in Spanish rock at the time of its release, passing from one independent record label to another as word of mouth grew around the group, and it was clear that it overwhelmed the capacity of each company involved, until it ended up being distributed by the almighty CBS-Epic major label, where they landed with enough copies sold to have received a gold record, and continued unstoppable until they reached platinum volume… but the savagery of the band members at that time was notorious, what which dissuaded the company from overexciting them with more parties, apart from those that they already gave spontaneously.