ZAHIR, Ahmad

Hip 70s Afghan beats (CD)



Cat Nº: GUESSCD034




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A major star in Afghanistan in the 70s until his death, and a legend today, Ahmad Zahir has something impressive to offer to all Western ears open to exotic rock & pop sounds.
Compiled from his vast discography, here’s a selection with some of his best tracks, an astounding set showing his unique, distinct psychedelic sound.

All moving around his deep voice, and with the use of electric guitar (incl. some wah-wah), stunning reverbered drums, some sitar and tabla, organ, flutes and bass, he made it to record some incredible folk-pop tunes that will now meet another world.

First time ever out of Afghanistan, listen to the hypnotic, psychedelic folk-pop sounds of Ahmad Zahir! Remastered from the original mastertapes and including extensive linernotes.

Tracklist: Instrumental – Dar kunj dilam eshqi kasi – Uoba darta rawarem – Laily Laily – Awaleen Eshqam tu boodi – Che kelaf sar zad az mah – Nishe gazdom – Qawl qarar – Az tangna e mahbas tarrikey